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TAX Incentive Scheme

Cash Rebate 20-25%
Project Type


Minimum Expenses

Feature Film


500K GEL

TV Film


500K GEL

Animation Film


500K GEL



300K GEL

Reality Show

Minimum in 1 foreign countries

300K GEL

TV Commercial

Minimum in 3 foreign countries

300K GEL

Music Video

Minimum in 3 foreign countries

300K GEL

TV Series

Minimum in 3 foreign countries

500K GEL

Main Requirements

  • Program beneficiary has to be registered legal entity in Georgia.
  • Program beneficiary should have already funded minimum 50% of the whole project budget.

Additional rebate of 2-5%

  • When final product promotes Georgia as a country
  • Main characters are chosen in Georgia
  • A head of minimum one department is local
  • Post production is processed in Georgia


1. Online Application form (Information about Project)

  • Information about legal entity
  • Information about project
  • Information about final product
  • Information about shootings in Georgia (Pre-production, production, post-production)
  • Potential locations of the project
  • Dates of the Project
  • The number of the crew members
  • The detailed budget of qualified expenses spending in Georgia (salaries, Logistics, hiring, rentals etc)

2. Conferring a Beneficiary status and certificate

  • Beneficiary status and certificate confers ‘Enterprise Georgia’ agency and Georgian national film center.

3. Financing and scheduling

  • Beneficiary has to provide an official independent audit conclusion document within 2 years.
  • Rebate will be provided within 90 calendar days after providing independent audit conclusion document
  • additional rebate can be done within 4 years after providing official independent audit conclusion document

List of qualified expenses

Expense Type Limits %
Audio-visual equipment rentals N/A
Wordrobe and Costumes 15
Makeup and hair N/A
Generator rentals N/A
Lights and Grip rentals 15
Set and studio rentals N/A
Aircraft and water transport rentals 15
Animal rentals N/A
Toilet rentals N/A
Special equipment rentals N/A
Fire-angine and ambulance rentals N/A
Catering services 10
Professional services: insurance, bank, lawyer N/A
SFX rentals 5
Special services: diving, air diving, Mountaineering N/A
Laundry N/A
Location rentals N/A
Set decorations N/A
Crew member business trips 1
Accommodation fees 15
Crew member salaries N/A
Indoor transportation 5
Fuel expenses 5
Communal expenses 1.5
Communication expenses 2
VFX hire N/A
Material render 5
Sound recording studio rentals 5
Translation N/A
Subtitles N/A
Distribution N/A
Non resident crew members’ salary 15

    $ 0 to $ 5,000

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