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Filming in Georgia

One of the most attractive advantage of filming in Georgia is the lowest production fee and expenses in the country throughout Europe. The world class location fees as well as high professional crew and cast salaries are the most competitive in the neighborhood. Duration of daylight reaches up to 15 hours in summertime, so it’s great benefits for every production. Usually, local film crew works every day per week including weekends, just having at least one dayoff per 7 day. Check out more advantages of filming in Georgia below


Country Georgia is located between The Great Caucasus Mountains to North, The Black Sea to West and Lesser Caucasus to South. It’s a small country total of 69,875 km2 in the crossroad of Europe and Asia. Georgia is mountainous country having almost every climate zone on the territory: Alpine, Subalpine, Temperate, Subtropical and Semiarid. Accordingly, country has got high mountainous landscapes as well as coastline. The highest peak in Georgia is glacier Shkhara 5,068 m. Between high mountains and seaside you can observe beautiful landscapes of subalpine and broadleaf forests, spectacular valleys with rivers and canyons, gorgeous mountainous lakes with snowy peaks, semi-desert areas and other natural beauties to capture unforgettable images.


One of the most important part of the entire production process is logistics – its accessibility and flexibility. Being one of the most important link in “The Great Silk Road” connecting Asia with Europe Georgia has developed its overland, maritime and air logistic facilities. Because of small size and developed infrastructure, located in the heart of Eurasia the country has got a beneficial environment for production. One can cover a distance from one end to another within 9 hrs drive. The highest settlement in Europe is Ushguli community located in Svaneti county at 2200 m above the sea. On the other hand there is a beautiful Black Sea coast in 2.30 hrs drive from Svaneti highland. It gives us an incredible opportunity to shoot high mountains and seashore in a single day.


According to its geographic location Georgia has got almost all types of climate. Depending on particular region there is widespread Subtropical and Temperate climate zones. Another great filming advantage is 4 absolutely different seasons in Georgia. All of them has its characteristics, attraction and beauty.

Average Temperature

Winter: December, January, February
Cold 5-10 °C
With Snow in country sides and occasional snow/rain in the cities. Dominate brown, gray and white colors.

Spring: March, April, May;
Warm 10-25 °C
Becomes warmer especially in the second half of the season. With rain and wind time to time; Dominate brown, starting greenery with some white and pink colors of the flowers.

Summer: June, July, August
Hot 30-35 °C
Becomes hot and sunny. Dominate deep green and some yellow at the end of the season.

Autumn: September, October, November
Pleasant 25-10 °C
With occasional rain and wind at the end of the season.
The most colorful season of the year. Dominate green, yellow, red, orange, brown. The most suitable time to capture colorful images.

You can film dramatically different environment on a single location depending on the season.


Monthly Daylight Duration
  1. January: 9.1 – 9.9 hrs
  2. February: 10 – 11 hrs
  3. March: 11.2 – 12.5 hrs
  4. April: 12.6 – 13.8 hrs
  5. May: 13.9 – 14.8 hrs
  6. Jun: 14.8 – 15.0 hrs
  7. July: 14.9 – 14.2 hrs
  8. August: 14.2 – 13.0 hrs
  9. September: 12.9 – 11.6 hrs
  10. October: 11.5 – 10.3 hrs
  11. November: 10.2 – 9.3 hrs
  12. December: 9.2 – 9.0 hrs


One of the advantage of filming in Georgia is a short distances between the different locations which you can cover mostly within an hour. It’s very suitable for production companies because in most cases they don’t have to do an expedition for filming.

Distance between Capital and main Destinations 

Tbilisi – Mtskheta 25 km or 20 min. drive
Tbilisi – Rustavi 35 km 0r 45 min. drive
Tbilisi – Gori 85 km or 1 hr drive
Tbilisi – Kutaisi 235 km or 3.30 hrs drive
Tbilisi – Borjomi 160 km or 2 hrs drive
Tbilisi – Akhaltsikhe 200 km or 2.45 hrs drive
Tbilisi – Tsalka 105 km or 1.45 hrs drive
Tbilisi – Telavi 95 km or 1.40 hrs drive
Tbilisi – Sighnaghi 110 km or 1.40 hrs drive
Tbilisi – Omalo 200 km or 6.30 hrs drive
Tbilisi – Gudauri 125 km or 2 hrs drive
Tbilisi – Kazbegi 160 km or 2.40 hrs drive
Tbilisi – Zugdidi 350 km or 5 hrs drive
Tbilisi – Mestia 480 km or 6.45 hrs drive
Tbilisi – Anaklia 350 km or 5 hrs drive
Tbilisi – Batumi 380 km or 5.30 hrs drive

Visa Information

Citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in the United States, countries of European Union and some other countries listed here may enter and stay in Georgia without a visa during full one year. Citizens of the countries and stateless person permanently residing in these countries must obtain visa before entering to the territory of Georgia. Foreign citizens willing to obtain a short-term visa have a possibility to apply for Georgian visa via e-visa portal without visiting Georgian Diplomatic Missions or Consular Offices. Or you may apply for long-term visa to a nearby Diplomatic Mission or consular office of Georgia in accordance with citizenship. In Addition, feel free to contact us any time for visa support documentation


Once again, Georgia has got cultural and architectural heritage from both of sides Europe as well as from Asia. Beside that an outlined sign of the Soviet period urban planning still remains. This is the reason that urban architecture, public and private interiors are so attractive for filmmakers. On the other hand because of the unique geography, nature and climate Georgia has an incredible diversity of great outdoor landscapes. You can find various looking forests, valleys, canyons, mountains, semi-deserts, lakes, rivers, seashore and much more beautiful locations for filming.


Georgia is a film friendly location. So, its Government and city authorities support the industry in every way. Unlike many other countries special permits to shoot in public places is not required in Georgia. Furthermore filming on public locations like streets, parks or squares is charges free. Beside that police department can assist with traffic regulation and intermittently blocking when necessary. This assistance is also free of charge. locationStock takes care about all kind of permissions regarding public and private properties or other institutions. An average time to get permission is as short as 3-5 working days for public entities. Permits for filming in private properties we can get even within one working day.

Basic Prices


An average fee for private properties is $250
An average fee for commercial entities is $300

Crew & Cast

An average of freelancer’s daily salary is $80
An average of character’s daily salary is $100


3 Star hotel starts at $40 per single room
4 Star hotel starts at $80 per single room
5 Star hotel starts at $140 per single room


A Sedan car with driver costs $25 per day
A 6 seats Van with driver costs $40 per day
A 16 seats Minibus with driver costs $50 per day


An average of 2 meals per day is $12 per person


Georgia has got the most flexible law of filmmaking in whole Europe. Here is no Governmental fees or additional regulations in film industry. The country has lowest Taxes in the region and doesn’t have any trade unions at all that makes filmmakers’ life much more simple and comfortable. We have a reliable and sustainable banking institutions, creating safe financial environment for filming.

Cash Rebate Scheme

Georgia joined a list of the countries worldwide providing Cash rebate for a film industry at the end of 2015 . We believe, this is a huge step forward for Georgia itself and definitely will effect on development of international film production in the country.  This decision going to be a wonderful incentive and great advantage for filmmakers who’d love to shoot the projects in beautiful Georgia.

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