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Cash Rebate Scheme

Local and International filmmakers can get up to 20% cash rebate while spending over than GEL 500K for feature film/tv series or GEL 300K for tv commercial/reality show or music video projects as a total qualified expenses in Georgia. Project owners can reimburse extra 5% of rebate if a final product promotes Georgia as a country, part of post-production is done locally or leading role/positions are Georgians. View more detailed information below

Main Requirements

  • Program beneficiary has to be registered legal entity in Georgia.
  • At least 50% of the total production budget should be in place at the time of application.

List of Qualified Expenses

• Rental of audio-visual equipment in Georgia
• Rental of wardrobe/costumes (15%)*
• Hair and make-up services
• Rental of props and set dressing
• Rental of generators
• Rental of grip equipment and accessories (15%)*
• Rental of lighting equipment and accessories (15%)*
• Rental of sound stages, studios, rehearsal rooms, manufactories (property-room, joinery), workshops, sports storage spaces, theatre stages, and event halls
• Rental of office space, office furniture, and office equipment
• Rental of air and water transport in Georgia (15%)*
• Rental, training, feeding, and transportation of animals
• Rental of water tanks and mobile toilets
• Hiring of government employees and rental of state owned resources (military, emergency services, fire department, security, etc.).
• Rental of land transport, vehicles, and all special transport for film production
• Security and urgent medical assistance services
• Food and catering services if it is in direct relation to the final project (15%)*
• Professional services rendered in Georgia, such as insurance, banking, accounting and legal services.
• Special effects (SFX) services, specialists and equipment (10%)*
• Scuba diving, skydiving, hang-gliding equipment and instructors, mountain guide services, and all services related to their use in filmmaking
• Laundry and dry-cleaning services
• Rental of filming locations and the cost of filming permissions
• Cost of set design, construction, and decoration
• Travel expenses in Georgia of administrative personal of the program beneficiary – in accordance with the legislation of Georgia (1%)*
• Accommodation for crew (15%)*
• Expenses of the cast and crew, including wages of personal working full- and half-time, remuneration of contractors. Must be residents of Georgia (60%)*

* Limits in percentage of the total local expense

Papers to Provide

1. Online Application form (Information about Project)

  • Information about legal entity
  • Information about project
  • Information about final product
  • Information about shootings in Georgia (Pre-production, production, post-production)
  • Potential locations of the project
  • Dates of the Project
  • The number of the crew members
  • The detailed budget of qualified expenses spending in Georgia (salaries, Logistics, hiring, rentals etc)

2. Conferring a Beneficiary status and certificate

3. Financing and scheduling

  • Beneficiary has to provide an official independent audit conclusion document within 2 years.
  • Rebate will be provided within 90 calendar days after providing independent audit conclusion document

additional rebate can be done within 4 years after providing official independent audit conclusion document

Additional 5% Rebate

1% – The production is completed and released theatrically or on major television network. “Making-of” video is produced to show the shoot.

1% – The production employs Georgian citizens in at least one of the categories: Lead actress/actor or Director; Screenwriter or Composer; Two supporting actresses or actors; At least three Heads of Department: Producer, Production Designer, Costume Designer, Line Producer, Production Manager

1% – Use of one of the elements in the production: Depiction of Georgia as a location; Story based on a Georgian work of literature or historical event; Depiction of national landmarks commonly associated with Georgia such as UNESCO cultural heritage sites

1% – Spending at least 50,000 GEL on post-production services in Georgia within 48 months after acceptance to the rebate program

1% – Distribution of final product in at least two EU member countries, the US, Canada, or India; or participation in the main competition of an FIAPF-accredited film festival, the Sundance Film Festival, or an AMPAS or BAFTA nomination.

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