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Meet locationStock

Welcome to locationStock, an open community of film professionals. Formerly, we’ve started as the first location scouting and management service in the country owning an online movie location library. Company was formed in 2009 and since then we’ve been involved in hundreds of local and international film, video, tv commercial and series projects.

locationStock still remains the only company providing such kind of professional service in Georgia. Couple of years later we successfully started proposing all-in-one production service for our international partners so they have no more need to search for additional support aside.

Our Mission

Securing a comfortable and accessible environment for filmmaking is our mission. We are fond of cooperating with various brilliant creatives around the globe. We’ve worked with numerous talented people during this period of time. That’s why we’ve decided to open the gates and establish an open community for freelance professionals who are creating filming opportunities. We believe, together we are way more useful.

Development History

Year 2016

Indian (Telugu) Feature Film - GautamiPutra Satakarni

LocationStock along with local partners was involved in production one of the most popular historic drama of Indian cinematography – Gautamiputra Satakarni. The feature film became a hit from the first days of screenings. The movie was made by First Frame Entertainment PVT which is now locationStock’s partner company in India.
Year 2015

The First Online Filming Academy

Filming academy is an online learning platform dedicated to film Industry. Professionals with teaching skills in filmmaking can run their own courses online. People who love to learn different subjects of filmmaking have got a great place to study

The First Talent Gathering Platform

There are a lot of talented people around the globe, that have to be showcased. Meanwhile, there are a huge amount of media projects where pros are required. So, crewcallr is the projects and talents meetup hot spot

Telugu Feature Film Project

locationStock along with local and international partners produced Telugu feature film project – the first Telugu movie dedicated to WW2 and the Indian troops contributing in that war
Year 2014

Independent Production Projects

locationStock executed independent tv commercial and short film projects along with its international partners
Year 2013

All-in-One Production Service

locationStock started providing all-in-one production service for international film and advertising companies

French Feature Film Project

locationStock has participated in largest French feature film project which has been shot in Georgia. The project produced by the Oscar winner director and his crew along with Georgian partners
Year 2012

French Feature Film Project

locationStock has been involved in large scale French feature film project produced by French and Georgian production companies

Hindi Feature Film Project

locationStock along with its local and international partners has produced large scale Hindi feature film project within 86 shooting days
Year 2011

Tamil Feature Film Project

locationStock has been involved in large scale Tamil feature film project the part of which has been filmed in Georgia

Locations Throughout Georgia

locationStock along with Georgian National Film Center and Georgian Film Commission has fulfilled the project which gave us the opportunity create the first movie location library in Georgia including location images all around the country
Year 2010

The First International Projects

locationStock has executed its first international feature film project along with Georgian and Russian filmmakers

The First Location Services

locationStock has announced its professional location scouting and management service for the first time in Georgia

The First Location Library

locationStock has established its online movie location library for the very first time in Georgia
Year 2009

Starting Up

locationStock was founded as a legal entity and the very first movie location scouting and management company in Georgia

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