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Contributor’s Instruction

Who can become a contributor ?

locationStock contributor can become every single film professional who has locations to showcase in our library and wants to contribute in creating opportunities for filming in Georgia. Contributor can be location scout or manager, art director or production designer, location photographer or other talents.

On the other hand location images can be submitted by its owner who’d like to showcase his property as a filming location. They won’t get a contributor’s status on the website, but despite of that they can earn extra money on a property rental.

Why to become a contributor ?

Since locationStock has become an open community of freelancers we’d love to give an opportunity to film professionals showcase their works in our location library. It creates a great platform for talents to be involved in the projects locationStock produces. Contributor increases his chance to be a part of international production crew while submitting every following location work to the library. Beside that, every single location image can contribute in creating incentive for international filmmakers produce projects exactly in Georgia.

How to become a contributor ?

In order to become a locationStock contributor you just need to register on the website and submit your location works. Go to top right corner of a page and click on ‘Submit Property’ link. If you have already registered you can proceed with your account credentials. Otherwise, create an account and submit your first location images following to the rules and requirements of submission. Make sure that your location is not already exist in our library. You should upload interesting filming locations with high quality images. At first your submissions are not visible on the website, only you and website administrator can see them. But don’t worry as soon as your location images are in our database we can review and make them public when they are appropriate for our library. Otherwise we will notify you about the gaps you should fill up. Once your submissions become permanent we can grant you with locationStock Contributor’s status.

What kind of properties can be submitted ?

We’d love to introduce our country as the best filming location. Therefore our library is wide open for every single location which might be interesting for film crews. It can be public or private properties, spectacular outdoor landscapes, urban or rural areas.

How to prepare images for submission ? 

There are three major requirements you have to follow while preparing location images for submission. First of all the locations which you’re attempting to submit must be interesting for filming. Secondly, location pictures have to be high quality images. And at last you should make sure that the location is new for the library. Here are some tips for proper image submission.

  • Use 35 up to 50 mm lenses while shooting locations and don’t use wide angle lens
  • Hold your camera steady or use a tripod while shooting images
  • Use available day light and avoid artificial flash light
  • Capture images in 360° with every possible angle that viewers could perceive entire space of the location
  • Don’t upload blur, over or under exposed images
  • Submit only focused images and don’t retouch them
  • Avoid people, faces and other disturbing elements in the pictures
  • Upload only horizontal (landscape) images in dimension 1024 x 768 not less or more

Capture things that make the property special like, large glass windows, original stairs or fireplace, nice courtyard or frontage. Make as many pictures as you need to show the property completely. Usually, 10-15 images are submitted per location.

Location’s Privacy

locationStock has a strong commitment to provide confidentiality for our location owners. Images of the properties and owner’s private information are stored securely in the library. Only images without private information can be published on the website. Privacy of locations and it’s owners is very important to us. Generally, it’s not possible to identify precise address of the locations showcased in the library.

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